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I have definitely seen better days. I love my mom. UGH So she comes in my room last night and I’m getting my Fall Out Boy on and she’s says,” Hey Jess. I’ve decided that you aren’t going Thursday night because you have school and I want you to keep your grades up. I’ve talked to your dad and he already gave your ticket to Megan.”

WTF. Are you seriously kidding me. That sucks. Of course she says, “Well, you do get to go to Yellowcard. There’s an up.”


This sucks so bad man. I really wanted to go. Oh well. (Sigh) Yep. I ordered my tickets for Warped Tour. I’m going to the one in Orlando and in Jacksonville. SWWWEEEETTTT!!!! I get to see Boys Night Out. My favorite band, thanks to my boy.

I’m out
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